Welcome to MacCamie Studios! We are crafters of medieval and fantasy art, jewelry & accessories. While we work on getting our shopping cart online, here are some of the things we make. Everything is made by hand with  high-quality components. Though we proudly feature our stock items, we are always happy to make an item specifically suited to your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, orders or commissions. You can send us an email by clicking this :link:

Based in the Kansas City area, you can find us at various shows, fairs and conventions. We'll be putting up a list of where you can find us in the months to come. If you'd like us to show up, please drop us a line.

Here you can see a sample of what we do:

                                                                Our Hook & Eye sets are made from work hardened brass, and come 6 pairs to a package. Each package costs $10


Veil/Hat/Lapel/Tie Pins

We just keep finding uses for our pins, and you will too! Each pin is made from solid brass. Cut, hammered and polished by hand, each has a head attached with care. Most of our pins come with high-end Czech glass or a semi-precious stone head, from 6mm on up. Our standard pins are 3" in length but can be ordered from 2" to almost any size (a slight charge incurred on pins larger than 4"). Made with the same method that was used since the 13th century, these pins are a must for the historic or fantasy re-enactor in your life. Or get them just because they make a great and unique gift. Perfect accent for wedding veils. Any of our pins can also be made using sterling silver as well.

Currently, our pins can be made with the following heads:

Agate Carnelian Fluorite Jade Obsidian Quartz, Rose Tree Agate
Amber Charoite Garnet Jasper Onyx Sardonyx Turquoise
Aventurine Chrysocolla Goldstone Lapis Pearls Seraphinite Unakite
Azurite Citrine Hematite Malachite Peridot Sodalite Zoisite
Bloodstone Coral Howlite Marble Quartz Sunstone Wire-wrapped
Bronzite Fire-polished Czech Glass (most colors available) Iolite Moss Agate Quartz, Smoky Tiger's Eye (Brown, Red & Green) Black Diamond

If you have a particular stone in mind that you don't see on our list, don't hesitate to ask! Or, if you have a color-scheme in mind rather than a stone we can help there too!

Our pins average $15-$30 per set of 4, based on size and value of the headpiece. Here are some exanples:


Here we see 6mm Lapis & Tree Agate, next to a 12mm Smoky Quartz pin.                                            Get that Victorian look using our faceted Czech fire-polished glass pins ($15/4)



Our pictures don't do our goldstone pins justice. In sunlight, they come alive!                                            The colors and shapes of pearls expand every year. Freshwater Peacock pearls are a favorite of ours, but you can pick your own!


Two favorites, these pins can add that touch of elegance or whimsy to your outfit.          Some like playing games more than others. Show off your past-time in a unique way!



Based on extant pins of the 11th-13th centuries, these pins are made with the same care and techniques that were used all the way to Victorian times. ($5/set of 4)


Come see us at one of our shows to look at our one-of-a-kind pins as well!